About me

As a testament to my hard work, stubbornness to not quit and insane entrepreneurial drive, my business, started just six years ago with a dream of just, making enough to pay the $40 cell phone bill, has now grown into a well-established, 7-figure business and shows no signs of stopping! And now, I have a desire to test my entrepreneurial drive once more! I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and signs from God and lately, I have been experiencing a burning desire to tell my story to hopefully help other aspiring entrepreneurs, no matter at what stage in life you may be. I want you to know that, you too can make your dreams a reality. You just have to have the mindset, passion and tools to succeed! I hope to grow a community of Mothers, young and young at heart adults find everything that they need in one, easy to find platform along with my unbiased recommendations, tips and tricks that I have used to be successful. I want to help as many people as possible to achieve the growth they have dreamed of for their own businesses. Whether you only have an idea or business plan, a small business that you would like to grow, or even offer coaching, mentoring or an online program,  I have leveraged my business development expertise to help fellow entrepreneurs like you to reach your fullest potential! I can’t wait to connect!

“Remember why you started.”