The last six months have left us flustered and, in many cases, unfocused. Even those of us who had trouble before Covid-19 stuck, are having even more difficulty getting on track. There are simple techniques you can try, other than sitting yourself in an empty room and hope your work gets done, that can boost your focus and help you stay more productive longer. 

  1. Play some tunes! BUT not your jams! Music is an excellent way of keeping you focused, but when you’re playing your favorite songs, you could be more distracted by the lyrics and the memories that you don’t actually get anything done. This is even more so when you’re using headphones. Find a playlist that provides you with a mood boost without distractions. 
  1. Aromatherapy can help!  Did you know that peppermint can help you be more alert and focused?  Also, wild orange is uplifting!  Treat yourself and your office to a pretty diffuser!  Not only will your office smell divine, but aromatherapy is really a thing!  
  1. What’s “important” should be first! Often you can feel distracted or unfocused because of the level of work you have to do each day. So much so that the amount of work you could be doing isn’t getting done. Set a schedule that lets you get at least one important task done first each day. Not only will this ensure the big stuff is out of the way, but it leaves you feeling accomplished, which will motivate you to get more done. 
  1. Stay organized!  Make a plan the night before so when you are ready to sit down and work you know exactly what you need to do.

Be sure to schedule some breaks too. You may feel that as soon as you give yourself a break, you’ll get distracted and won’t get that mojo back, but in reality, you’re more likely to get more work done over time by allowing your mind to relax. Staying on the same task for extended periods can actually wear out your brain and slow your productivity and focus down.

If what you’re focusing on is dull “busy” work, then getting work done in short spurts and rewarding yourself in some way each time will get you more done each day. You’ll actually be surprised how quickly your work gets done when you put some kind of effort, regardless of how small, into what you’re doing.