Why are you stuck making a barely livable wage, at a mediocre, soul-sucking job that you dread going to every day? You’ve been helping your boss get rich and allowing him to have more free time, while on your end all of your hard work won’t go into increasing your measly paycheck. No financial freedom to be seen! Asking myself that question was what sent me over the edge and gave me the push I needed. I was over it and needed to make a change! 

I was a dental assistant for 4 years. I worked my buns off for my boss. I could turn patients and procedure rooms faster than Mr. Clean! I knew what my dentist wanted before he even knew what he would need for his procedures! Don’t get me wrong, I really loved being a dental assistant, for the right dentist I should add. I got to meet a lot of people, and I got along great with my coworkers. But in the end, I killed myself every single day for just $11hr! I would do everything I could possibly think of to prove to my boss that I deserved more. I was at his mercy. So I studied and became a Registered Dental Assistant, I took all the latest training and certifications for all of the new technologies that he wanted to implement into his office to make HIM MORE MONEY. But still, after having to chase my boss down over and over again and being blown off, I finally got my raise! A measly $1 more an hour. So now, I have been barely bumped into the next tax bracket by making $12hr. After paying my taxes, I am bringing home even less than I was before I got my raise!

Some people would be ecstatic. But I knew that I could do much better for myself and for my family. I didn’t want to bust my tail for 40hrs a week just to barely make $25k a year, when my boss was making that in a WEEK! 

I knew there had to be a better way. I knew there had to be other options to create financial freedom and to stop wasting my life away, just to barely make end’s meat. 

A few things that I realized for myself that were holding me back:

1.         No one owes me anything. 

2.         Only I can take ownership for the situation that I am currently in. 

3.         Letting go of ideas like, “Well so and so just has more time than I do,” or, “Well they were born into success.” 

Thoughts like these were putting me into a victimizing frame of mind, and once you are down that road you’ve already failed before you’ve even begun. Don’t fall into this trap! You can make for yourself whatever you dream to. Fill your heart and mind with thoughts that put you in control of your own life’s goals.

Do you want to know how successful entrepreneurs are winning at this game and making $300,000, $400,000, or even more??? They have the same amount of time as you and I, but the difference is, they are doing the RIGHT things with their time. They know the rules and have learned the strategies to make their skills WORK FOR THEM! And you can learn these exact same skills.

I had to find the time while working my 40-hour work week to do the research, find my “special skill,” and then figure out how to make money from it. It seemed almost impossible. At the end of the day, I was dog tired! The last thing that I wanted to think of was trying to start a new business, BUT I knew that nobody was going to do it for me. So, it was time put in the work now and take my freedom back! Freedom financially, but most importantly, freedom of time! I wanted MORE time to do the things that I enjoyed while still making money. So, I started reading all the best mindset blogs and books I could get my hands on. How did these other successful people, like Tony Robbins, Jenna Kutcher, Taylor Welch, and Sarah Blakely, crack the code of escaping the “rat-race” and create their empires and legacy? They found their “special skills,” and made it WORK for them! 

So, how do you find this special skill-set? Well, what is something that you have a passion for doing? What is something that you know a lot about? Find your niche and go with it! Do you love to help people? Are you really into health, fitness, and beauty? Research it! There is a business for just about everything! Start by using the time you do have, wisely. More than likely you will be doing this while working full-time, but if you just put in the work now I promise that you will thank yourself later when you’re sitting on the beach, sipping your margarita, while your business is still making you money. You have just got to believe that you CAN achieve greatness and get to work! Do not keep putting it off. The opposite of “action” is not “in-action,” it is DELAY! Each day that you do not take ACTION you are just delaying yourself from achieving the goals that you want for yourself and for your family! If you are still making the same amount of money that you did 5 or even 10 years ago, you’ve got a problem. Take ACTION today! Invest in yourself! And NEVER stop growing and learning.